Who makes SeaBreeze Kayaks?

SeaBreeze Kayaks are manufactured by us, Glen and Michelle, at our rotational moulding plant in South East Queensland using quality materials and accessories sourced here in Australia.

We pride ourselves on being an Australian owned company selling affordable, top quality Australian Made entry level kayaks. 

Why do we only sell singles?

At SeaBreeze Kayaks, we have decided to focus our manufacturing time and efforts on single seated kayaks. 

We are proud to sell affordable, durable, Australian Made ENTRY LEVEL kayaks which are suitable to many ages and abilities. 

Our single seaters are often much easier to handle, with our models being only 18kg in weight and 2.7m in length they are a manageable size.

The grab rope around the whole boat, rather than just a handle allows you to grab, carry and lift the kayak from many different positions, which in turn makes it easier to load onto roof racks and trailers. 

If only one person wants to go for a paddle, a single seater is going to be more manageable for a sole occupant to load, unload and manoeuvre in the waterways. 

Can I purchase accessories to fit my kayak ?


If you are looking at purchasing a SeaBreeze Kayak, give us a call and have a chat about our package deals which will see you heading out on the water with all the gear to ensure you have a great adventure. 

If you already own a SeaBreeze Kayak, we can fit extra accessories such as hatches, fishing rod holders, seats and our custom made Breezy Wheelz.

What are those 4 holes in the kayak?

These are called SCUPPER holes and they have a few purposes.

1. They give strength to the deepest and most flexible part of the kayak

2. They give the kayak a "self draining cockpit"

3. It allows us to line up both parts of our outer mould during the manufacturing process.

You can purchase Scupper Plugs for these holes should you wish to keep the water OUT of your kayaks cockpit. 

How do the Breezy Wheelz work?

We manufacture these handy wheels to be collapsible, lightweight and to fit into the rear hatch of your SeaBreeze Kayak.

When open, they fit to the underside of your kayak, into the two scupper holes closer to the front of your kayak. They can be positioned by turning the kayak onto its side, slot one arm of the wheels into a hole, then guide the second one in. Allow the kayak to sit back down flat and the arms should slide up these holes until the kayak is seated on the wheel frame. Pull the kayak from the rear handle to your destination. 

Reverse the process to remove the wheelz, fold up, strap together with the provided velcro and secure the wheelz into your rear hatch by rolling the one of the wheels toward the seat well while slowly twisting .

  • "Have had my kayak for 5 years now, has always been an amazing tool for my fishing adventures and has resulted in many memorable moments. Can't put anything past these awesome little yaks, will certainly be continuing to purchase and use in years to come!"
    Zac Charlton
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